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Logging to persistent tmpfs on Raspbian “jessie”

At the end of Using a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B as a router/firewall for the home LAN I wrote that I decided not to put /var/log into tmpfs, because:

  1. I wanted the logs to be persistent
  2. I thought that the wear would result in less and less of the sd card to become available (and 16GB for logs should last a loong time)

As it turned out the sd card died after one month.

I don’t know if the cause was excessive logging, the use of ntopng (which did write quite a lot, both in the number of files, the number of files, and in the total storage used, which was approximately 0,5GB after 30 days of uptime) or simply a bad sd card.

However, going forward with a new sd card, I’ve done the following:

  1. Removed ntopng
  2. Put /var/log on tmpfs (limited to 100MB in size), synced to a backing store on the sd card using rsync

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