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My OSGi story

OSGi is a Java plugin framework and module system that were initially created for supporting embdedded applications in the automotive industry. OSGi also forms the foundations for the Eclipse IDE plugin model. The plugin model of OSGi consists of components waiting for services and starting and exposing services when all of the dependencies are satsified. A “service” in OSGi terminology, is a Java interface.

I first encountered OSGi in 2006. The company I worked from used OSGi as the basis for an ETL processing system implementing various processing elements as OSGi plugins plugging into the processing framework. Since writing OSGi activators (which was the state of the art for OSGi plugins back in the day) is kind of boring, we created a Dependency Injection system on top of OSGi.

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Objektorientering i Java: “Monstersim”

English summary: This article is in Norwegian and presents a step-by-step receipe for creating a Java program that simulates a dragon and a troll in a cave. The purpose is to give an introduction to the Java programming language, object orientation, computer simulation, and the eclipse Java IDE’s support for aiding coding (in particular “Quick Fix”).

Denne artikkelen tar deg gjennom en steg-for-steg bruksanvisning for å lage et program som simulerer en drage og et troll i ei grotte. Artikkelen er ganske lang, men bør være rett fram å følge.

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