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Very basic emacs usage


Emacs is a very powerful and flexible text editor.

This is a very quick walk-through of essential emacs commands, based on my own experience of the commands I use most frequently.

I’m giving the key shortcuts, because those are the ones I use. But running in a GUI, you can use mouse navigation for such things as switching windows, and there are menu items for many of the commands.

I thought that this list would be short, but once I started writing I thinking about new stuff that I should include. Eventually I had to cut it down to what I really think are the basics.

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Hello world!

Offisiell åpning av bloggen min.  Noe vil være på norsk og noe vil være på engelsk.  Postingene vil handle om emacs og eclipse og det som ellers måtte falle meg inn.

In English: official opening of my blog.  Some posts will be in Norwegian and some will be in English.  The postings will be about emacs and eclipse and whatever may occur to me to blog about.